Glass Balustrades Dubai

Glass Balustrade in Dubai

Build Powerful and Beautiful Live Spaces

Extend the view of your home with glass Balustrade. These thick glass panels are built to last in order to keep your family safe. Aside the benefits, it add aesthetic beauty to your home, making it adorable.
Are you thinking of fixing your balcony, stairway or upper floor with a high quality glass Balustrade? Do you want an easy-to-install glass balustrade? You want something adaptable to 2D,3D bends and straight forms? At Burhani Glass, we have more than 15 different glass balustrade system you can choose from. The good thing about us is, all our glass balustrade are pocket-friendly. Whatever your budget and installation needs, there is a perfect glass balustrade for you.

Whether it is a small family home, hotel, even an international airport, we have everything in stock with stringent safety requirements.

Modern Glass Stair Railings

Create Stunning Glass Stair Railings

It doesn't matter what your project is; family home, stadium, airport, Burhani Glass have you covered. We make it easy to create stunning glass railings. We have many option for indoor and outdoor settings.

We have well-designed and engineered cap rails, handrails and railing bases. We cover both fascia and top installation.

Balconies Baluster Railings

To give your stairway, balcony or atrium a distinguished look

To make your balcony, stairway or atrium a center of attraction, Burhani Glass Balusters railing is your best choice. Whatever forms of design you want is available (round or square).

You can decide on if you want bars, cables, glass or web for the infills. We provide hassle free and quick installation. Our work do not necessarily require welding. In just few hours, your project space is transformed.


Glass Balustrade

Our experts have efficient skills in delivering high-end services even in challenging projects.

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