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Beautiful Design Your Glass Look

Do you know you can win more customers with a frosted glass sticker design? With a glass partition sticker design, you can add a decorative touch to your glass and make it appealing to customers when they troop in.Have you been looking for a good and trusted glass partition sticker design company in Dubai? Worry no more! Burhani Glass Trading LLC offer a wide range of glass sticker design for your need.
We can give your office, bathroom, conference room, hotel, a new and more attractive look without you spending much. Glass sticker design is a classical way of adding privacy to your property.

Frosted Glass Sticker Design

Give a Eye catching Look

Frosted glass is the best alternative to blinds and curtains in your home or workplace. Frosted doors and windows are designed to give your office, beauty salon, swimming pool area, an eye catching look, and perfect for privacy.You can obscure your home interior from outsiders with frosted windows. If you hate opening your curtains just to look at your neighbor's house or give them a peek, then a frosted glass would be perfect for your bedroom window.

We offer high quality service in Dubai when it comes to creating eye catching features on a glass. Why use curtain in your bathroom when you can use frosted glass as shower glass to give your bathroom an elegant look and still give you that privacy you desire.

Etched Glass Design

Homeowners hoping to replace entire windows

Etched glasses used for glass partition and windows always look classic. It gives a nice first impression to visitors like no other architectural material can.A well-designed etched glass can help reduce excess sunlight and glare from entry your home or office. There is no limit to the application of frosted glass design. It can be used for kitchen table, dinner table, even as kitchen cabinet.
Whatever you may need an etched glass for, we are the only trusted company you can run to for a high durable and quality work.

Glass Film Design

Give a Eye catching Look

We have full range of privacy glass film design for your liking. You just let us know the type of glass sticker you want and we will get it created for you. We have frosted glass film prints for your office or home need.

Depending on your taste, we offer custom glass film design service at a pocket-friendly rate. We will also deliver at your door step at no extra cost.

Why Us?

Our designs and decorations are one in town and are counted among the best in the whole city of Dubai. Our customers can testify to that. We offer our services to homes, offices, restaurants, beauty salons, super markets, and to anyone who needs a glass partition sticker design services.

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