Glass Partition

Glass Partition in Dubai

Build Powerful and Original Work Spaces

Our experts provide extraordinary services and that are aesthetically sketched. These services include quality glass partitions and doors in all areas that we operate. We are committed to provide powerful and fresh workspaces in some of the world’s classical buildings.

Burhani Glass Firm is the solution for you to make the best use of design and functionality of your office. We transform any space into a peaceful working environment because of our high-quality, portable, and re-positioned partition systems.

Office Glass Cubicles

Transforming an Office Space

When it comes to acoustic sound insulation within office environments, clients wants extraordinary accomplishment. There is a growing demand for quiet office and meeting rooms with controllable acoustic for private discussions to take place. This is as a result of continual acceptance of predominantly open plan office space.

  • Structural Performance
  • Adaptability
  • Security

Movable / Temporary Partitions

Liding is a perfect solution to movable spaces

No renovation or construction is required for movable walls, partitions, portable room dividers, folding temporary walls/sliding, accent walls, and privacy screens.

The portable partitions that we provide are safe and best in terms of quality. We deliver on time and our prices are friendly. We have a wide, yet, unique selection of heights, width, colors, washable polycarbonate, dampening, and tackable materials. Our professionals can fix any problem in regard to any space.

Living Area/ Kitchen Glass Partitions

Kitchen Dividers & Partitions with Glass Wall

If you want a cozy space, an open floorplan, or maybe want a more private in your home, the right room divider is the answer to all these.

Sliding glass doors offer a lot of present style but they don’t give a lot of privacy.

  • Kitchen Partition
  • Kids Fun Room
  • Separating the Bedroom
  • Separate the Dining area
  • Separate Plants


Glass Partition

Our experts have efficient skills in delivering high-end services even in challenging projects.

Office Parttion
Kitchen Partition