Shower Glass Partition

Shower Partition Dubai

We are experts in frame-less glass shower installation.

Burhani Glass Trading LLC is specialist in Shower glass partition in Dubai.We have a set of unique features that when added to your bathroom, they will improve the comfort and enhance your home. The end results will extend the visible space without adding a window or square footage. Fixing tub closures or glass shower won’t break your bank account because the process is a buyer-friendly renovation.

  • Frame-less
  • Custom Design Made
  • Good Quality Glass

Shower Screen

Quality finishes in your shower make the space feel extravagant.

Besides enjoyment of your home, improving your bathroom will also customize the shower screen.

  • Opt to Renovate
  • Upgrading Space
  • Feel Luxurious

Shower Enclosure

Choose Custom Glass Shower Enclosure

The frameless shower door will support the room and improve the space. Our professionals will take every step needed to ensure a perfect fix. We also provide our clients with an option to install shower enclosures.

  • Frame-less
  • Unique Shower Design
  • Premium Glass

Design Your Dream Shower

Meeting with the glass specialist is the initial step of the design process.

During the discussion phase, we look into the budget, installation, and the management of your new bathroom fixture. We will consider a variety of designs that will enhance the creation of your glass shower or tub doors.

You will enjoy a powerful glass design and great care partner if you work with Burhani Glass. We guarantee transparent quotes and quality services to all our clients. Contact us today and our representatives will be happy to help you design latest frame glass shower. Book an appointment today!

  • Layout
  • Building materials:
  • Size
  • Shower fixtures